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Proper garbage disposal habits are imperative in maintaining a clean and sanitary environment. The best form of pest control is prevention. 

Garbage and/or Recyclables may be taken directly to the 2nd floor loading dock and placed in the proper receptacle or you may use the garbage/recycle room located on your floor.

Garbage & Recycling Rooms

At CoreLofts we are committed to recycling and we expect each resident to actively participate in the program.

Each floor (excluding the main floor), has a garbage/recycle room. For the consideration of other residents, use these rooms between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. and dispose of items as quietly as possible. Nothing is to be left on the floor in the room.    

Please dispose of garbage in the plastic garbage containers and the paper products and recyclable containers in the appropriate blue box.  Garbage must be properly bound, packaged, bagged and sealed to prevent any undue odour or mess.  All garbage must be placed in one of the provided garbage bins. Do not leave garbage on the floor. 

No hazardous materials will be placed in the room.  Any damage resulting from placing inappropriate items shall be charged back to the homeowner.  Items that do not go in the rooms include flammables/combustibles, kitty litter and bulk items.  These Items should be taken to the loading dock room (2nd floor) or disposed of at a hazardous waste depot. For more information please call 905.546-CITY or visit

Organic Waste

Core Lofts participates in the organic waste disposal program. Green Bins are used for the disposal of all organic materials and are located on the second floor in the loading dock area.

  • All food scraps
  • Paper bags, paper towels, tissues, freezer/waxed paper, popcorn bags, pizza boxes
  • Dryer lint, house plants, popsicles sticks.

Plastic bags should not be placed into the green bins, only compostable material and compostable bags can go into green bins.


We encourage residents to take full advantage of the City’s recycling program. For a list of what can be recycled in Hamilton, see the city of Hamilton’s website for a list of what goes into the blue box:

Special Pick Up

Large refuse items such as mattresses, appliances, furniture, and Christmas trees should be taken directly to the loading dock located on the 2nd floor. Contact the superintendent to arrange for special pick-ups. Flammable/combustible articles should not be store or disposed of in the garbage collection areas.

Christmas Trees

Real Christmas trees must be bagged/wrapped and brought in through the loading dock and disposed of in the same manner. Please be reminded that residents are responsible for cleaning up the trail of needles left behind from both real and faux trees.

Wentworth Standard Condominium Corporation 381 accepts no liability for the content of this document, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided.