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Residents Guide

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Key FOBs

All residents have been supplied with a security key FOBs allowing access to exterior doors as well as amenties.  Additional security Key FOBs can be purchased through the Property Manager.

Garage Door Remote

Garage door remotes are available to purchase from the Property Manager. Always use your remote to gain access to the garage. To open the garage door, simply press the button. The reader activates the garage door for access of one vehicle at a time. Please do not tailgate. The management company and the Corporation are not responsible for damage caused to your vehicle. 

Suite Door Key

The suite door key is a high security key. The door lock is keyed to the residential master key system to enable immediate access in case of an emergency and for routine management by the Corporation.

Please note that safety chains/double locks, etc. may not be attached to suite entry doors. 

The master key will only be used in cases of emergencies or to carry out corporation maintenance business.  

Mailbox Key

The mailbox key may be duplicated at any hardware store. Should you lose all keys the Superintendent is capable of arranging for lock changes at a reasonable cost. 

Lost Keys, Garage Door Remotes or FOBs

Should you lose a security key FOB or suite keys, please report it immediately to the Superintendent. Please record Security Key FOB serial numbers so individual Key FOBs can be cancelled if lost.  

Key, Fob, Remote Transfer

Upon sale of the unit, all keys, FOBs and transmitters must be turned over to the new owner. 


The enterphone system, located in the lobby entrance, is hooked directly into your suite’s telephone line.  When the intercom is calling, your landline phone will ring with a distinctive double ring.  If you have call waiting and are on the phone, you will hear a series of call waiting “beeps” alerting you that a visitor from the front lobby is calling. To allow a visitor in, press the digit “6” then hang up. 

Please give your visitor your suite number, as it is not identified in the electronic directory.  You can monitor the front door camera by tuning your television set to channel 398. 

NOTE: For security purposes please DO NOT grant access to people claiming they have forgotten their FOB unless you know the person.  

Wentworth Standard Condominium Corporation 381 accepts no liability for the content of this document, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided.