Residents Guide

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Fitness Room

  • 6am - 11pm

The fitness room is located on the first floor across from the meeting/party room. The exercise facilities are available from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and are to be used by residents and their guests only

Children under the age of sixteen are not permitted to use the equipment unless accompanied by an adult resident not less than 18 years of age. Pets are not permitted in the facility. 

Relocation, removal or addition of equipment is not permitted. The facility is used at the residents’ own risk. The Corporation is not responsible for accidents, loss or theft of personal property, or any other damages. Residents using the facilities are fully liable for any damages that they cause.  Residents are requested to please wipe down all equipment after use and return equipment to its normal position. A TV/DVD is provided for your use however the volume levels are not to be disruptive to others in the exercise room or nearby residents. 

Lights, TV, and air-conditioning must be turned off after using the facility. 

Meeting/Party Room

To book this room for private use, please contact the Superintendent.  A contract must be completed and executed by an adult resident.  Reservations require a mandatory deposit and refurbishing fee of $300. The deposit will be returned when the room is inspected and no damage found.  The room must be left in original condition.  

Noisy or rowdy behaviour will not be tolerated. Sale of liquor is not permitted even during a private function. Smoking is not permitted in the meeting/party room area or any common area including the front terrace/ walkway.

Lights, air-conditioning/heating and appliances are to be turned off after using the facility.

The meeting/party room chairs and tables are also available for rental. A small deposit is required. You can book these through the Superintendent.

Rooftop Patio

  • 6am-11pm

Users are responsible for removing their own garbage when finished.


  • 11am-11pm

The use of barbecues is restricted to residents and their guests. Residents must accompany their guests at all times when using the barbecues.

Minors (anyone under the age of 18) must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

The number of guests per suite allowed in the barbecue area is limited to two. One barbecue per suite is allowed for a maximum of one hour per use. The gas must be turned off after each use.

Barbecues (including side tables and all grills) must be cleaned after each use as a courtesy to the next user. Grill cleaning brushes are provided by the Corporation.

Users are responsible for removing their own garbage when finished.

Bicycle Room

Bicycles may also be stored in the designated bicycle storage room. 

Bicycle racks can be rented by contacting the Superintendent.

Bicycles are not permitted in the entrance vestibules, lobby elevators, or other common areas, and consequently may not be transported to and from units. Bicycles may not be parked at random or secured to the building or fencing or they will be removed.    


Each unit has an assigned locker. Ensure that all articles stored in lockers are kept within the space you have purchased.  Remember that you have purchased the locker space itself not the area above or around the enclosure. Any items stored outside the lockers will be removed without notice. Fire Department regulations state that no item can be stored within 18” of the sprinkler system.  

The Condominium Corporation or the Declarant is not responsible for damage to any locker items.  Flammable or toxic materials may not be stored in any locker space. Lockers may not be used as workshops. 

Common Elements

Common Element areas consist of all hallways, entrance ways, lobby, front- terrace/walkway, rooftop terrace, meeting room, exercise facility and garbage/recycle areas, garage and bicycle room.

Common Elements

No awnings, shades, or shutters, nor any screen or storm doors or windows, shall be installed or affixed over and/ or outside of any windows, nor shall any exterior doors be removed, replaced or changed in any way, without the prior written consent of the Board of Directors. 

Owners shall not cause anything to be affixed, attached to, hung, displayed or placed on the inside of any window other than drapes, blinds or shutters. In addition, the back face of all window coverings, facing the exterior of the building must be white or off-white in colour as per the Declaration. 

The Board of Directors makes the decisions on frequency and timing of window cleanings. 

Deliveries & Moving

No deliveries will be accepted by the Superintendent.  Furniture or other large items must be delivered through the loading dock in conjunction with an elevator booking. 

Elevator Booking

  • 8AM - 10PM
Loading Dock
  • Moving must be arranged with the building Superintendent at least 48 hours in advance
  • If needed, an elevator will be reserved
  • Moves are performed through the loading dock and are not permitted through the main lobby doors
  • Bookings are for a maximum of four (4) hours
  • This policy does not prevent discretionary moving of small furniture by a resident or their agent

Damage Deposit

A $500 refundable damage deposit is required


Internet, TV & Telephone

Fibre connections were installed into the units in 2019. Television is available over cable or satellite. Services are the responsibility of each resident.

Telephone service and additional telephone jacks are the responsibility of the unit owner. Bell Canada requires advance notice to establish service and may require access to the suite. 


All hydro is metered separately for each suite. Horizon Hydro Inc. is the local electricity company and they can are responsible for connecting service. 


Please ensure the Property Manager has your correct license plate number and always use your own parking spot. Any changes in parking must be reported to the Property Manager.   

Vehicles parked in unauthorized spots will be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense.  

Please lock your vehicle at all times and avoid leaving valuables inside.  When entering or leaving the premises, please operate your vehicle at a maximum speed of no more than 10 kilometres per hour and stay to the right side of the ramp. 

Be sure to always use your garage access transmitter device on the ramp before driving through the garage door, even if the door is already open. The garage door is programmed to remain open for the period of time required for the entry of one vehicle; an attempt to enter after another vehicle without using your transmitter could result in serious damage to your vehicle. 

For security reasons, please make sure that doors are securely closed after entering or leaving the garage area. Always pause for a moment when entering or leaving by automobile to make sure that the garage door closes behind you, thus denying entrance to unauthorized persons. 

No owner shall lease or sell their parking spot without informing the property management company. The Corporation and its agents accept no responsibility whatsoever for the removal of any vehicle from the parking garage or any other part of the common elements.  

The owners of vehicles leaking oil are required to repair such within 48 hours of notification. Any costs incurred in clean-up will be assessed against the resident and/or owner. Repairs to the garage are expensive. Your cooperation could avoid this unnecessary expense. 

Repairs, oil changes and storage of non-functional vehicles or other items is not allowed in the parking areas. Parking spaces are for resident’s personal motor vehicles only and are not to be used for storage of any articles.

Any loose items left in the garage will be removed.  Bicycles will be allowed in each parking area provided there is no obstruction to other residents and the common drive through areas.

Belongings of any kind, including tires, shopping carts, windshield washer fluid, and cardboard boxes, must not be stored in parking garage.

Vehicles shall not be parked on any portion of the common elements other than in the designated parking space for their parking unit.  

Motor vehicles shall not be driven on any part of the common elements other than in the garage or designated parking area. 

Visitors Parking

There is no visitor parking at Core Lofts.  Any unauthorized vehicles will be tagged and towed at the owner’s expense. Visitors may park in nearby pay parking lots or metered parking on Jackson Street. 

Wentworth Standard Condominium Corporation 381 accepts no liability for the content of this document, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided.