Routine Maintenance

All in-suite maintenance is the owners’ responsibility. If you require maintenance work, please feel free to contact the contractor of your choice. A list of recommended contractors who have done work in the building has been compiled for your convenience.

Before performing any repair work, ALWAYS check the breaker to ensure that power is not the problem. Also, always keep a toilet plunger in your suite, as it could prevent damage to your suite and your neighbours.

All appliances are the owners’ responsibility. 


You must submit a plan for any renovations you wish to do to your unit to the property manager for approval by the Board of Directors. This plan should include a scope and a timeline for the project as well as any other relevant information such as service shutoffs that may be required.

Providing a plan allows for the building to plan for and coordinate any deliveries of material, water shutoffs, or other disruptions that may be effect other residents in the building.

Kitchen Fan

Use your exhaust fan whenever cooking on the stove to avoid cooking odours which may disturb your neighbours, and to lessen grease build-up on kitchen surfaces. The metal filter may be washed in the dishwasher. 

Washer & Dryer

Clean the lint from the dryer door, each time you use the dryer.  On a periodic basis clean the lint from the lint trap that is located directly above the dryer. Should the lint not be cleared, it can pose a fire hazard. In addition, failing to clean the ducts, may lead to clothes taking longer to dry properly, excessive humidity, a burning odour and damage to the dryer motor and switches. For more information on check the dryer exhaust system information.

The lint filter should be cleaned after each use. When replacing your washer consider a front-load machine as it uses much less water and significantly reduces consumption.


Have a qualified electrician perform any electrical work.

Smoke/CO Alarms

All units are required to have a smoke/CO combo alarm, larger units have an additional smoke alarm. These alarms should be tested regularly, and need to be replaced periodically. Each alarm will have an expiry date on the unit itself. For more information on replacement including recommended replacement units see the Smoke and CO Alarm Information.


Plumbing and water leakage problems are generally the responsibility of the suite owner. If water leakage occurs from your walls or ceiling, contact the Property Management company.   

If the toilet or washing machine overflows, act immediately by turning the shut-off valve in the trouble area.

Repair leaking taps immediately as water waste costs everyone.   

Caulking and Grouting

Bathrooms and kitchens in particular are sources of potential water leaks to many other areas.  Unit owners are responsible for keeping all grouting and caulking in these areas in good repair.


Should you ever see any cracking, water dripping or sagging of ceilings or walls in the bathroom area, report the problem immediately to management.

Front Suite Doors

The Corporation is responsible for the upkeep of the outside surface of the suite doors. The building has been engineered to have fresh air provided from the halls. Therefore, do not install weather-stripping on the entrance door. The reason for the gap all around the door is to allow the hallway pressurization system to push fresh tempered air into the suite to make up for air removed by the exhaust fans, and to keep cooking odours from entering the corridors.


  • Use felt protectors on chairs, tables, etc., and anything else that may move over your concrete or wooden floor.  Use Area rugs.
  • Don't walk on your concrete and/or wooden floors with "stiletto-style" heels,
  • Use a dolly when moving heavy appliances or furniture.  Never slide or roll heavy objects across the floor.