Note: only larger units have a 2nd smoke only alarm. If you only have 1 smoke alarm in your unit it is the Combination Smoke & CO Alarm

Alarm has an expiry date on the bottom or side of the unit.

Direct Wired 120 Volts AC, no battery backup.


  1. Turn counter clock wise to remove.
  2. Squeeze on both sides of the quick disconnect clip to remove alarm.

New Alarm Installation

  1. The units can be purchased on line only at Home Depot.
    Kidde Pro Series Model i12020ACA.
    Installation - read installation instructions.
  2. Unpackage new unit.
  3. Squeeze on both sides of the quick disconnect clip and connect alarm.
    Caution: new quick disconnect may require 120 Volt AC wiring by a qualified electrician.
  4. Turn clockwise to connect unit.

Kidde Pro Series Model i12020ACA
Part Number: P1235CA
Home Depot Store SKU 1000416667

Smoke Alarm Unit should be good for 10 Years

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