TV/Cable/Internet is a user-pay service and is available from Bell Canada and Cogeco Cable.  Bell Canada also offers satellite connectivity.

Common Elements

Common Element areas consist of all hallways, entrance ways, lobby, front- terrace/walkway, rooftop terrace, meeting room, exercise facility and garbage/recycle areas, garage and bicycle room.


Corridors may not be obstructed in any manner at any time by door mats, boot trays, strollers, shoes, umbrellas or any other object.  Door knockers, door bells, name plates, decorations (e.g., holiday wreaths), etc. may not be attached to the outside of the suite entry doors, door frames or corridor walls, since these areas form part of the building common areas.

Debris, refuse or garbage shall not be placed or left in common elements including hallways.

Deliveries of Letters and Parcels

No deliveries will be accepted by the Superintendent.  Furniture or other large items must be delivered through the loading dock in conjunction with an elevator booking.


All hydro is metered separately for each suite. Horizon Hydro Inc. is the local electricity company and they can are responsible for connecting service.


All residents and their guests are requested to have consideration for their neighbours on all sides.  Loud music, boisterous parties, obnoxious conduct or an unwillingness to restrict such behaviour will result in action being taken by the Board of Directors.  Bumping or banging on walls or floors, drilling etc. will inconvenience your neighbours.  Should someone show complete lack of consideration of your right to peace and quiet, please put your complaint in writing to the Property Manager. In emergency situations, call the police directly then advise the Property Manager thereafter. 


Pet owners must ensure that their pet is not a nuisance (e.g., barking) and does not defecate upon the common elements.  If an accident does occur, such defecation should be cleaned up immediately by the pet owner.  Failure to do so may result in charges levied against the owner for cleaning costs and arrangements.

No pets shall be allowed under any circumstances in the public or common areas of the building except to enter or exit the building. When transporting the pet from the condominium suite and throughout the interior common elements, the owner shall either carry the pet or hold it on a short leash. 

Only 1 dog is allowed per suite. Maximum 30 pounds.


Smoking is not permitted in the common areas of the building.  If smoking in your suite, please consider opening a window and/or operating your washroom fan. This decreases smoke odour in the hallways. Please do not flick butts out of the windows.

Telephone Service

Telephone service and additional telephone jacks are the responsibility of the unit owner. Bell Canada requires advance notice to establish service and may require access to the suite.


If you see any vandalism, please report it immediately. Remember, also, that you are legally and financially responsible for your visitors anywhere on the property.


No awnings, shades, or shutters, nor any screen or storm doors or windows, shall be installed or affixed over and/or outside of any windows, nor shall any exterior doors be removed, replaced or changed in any way, without the prior written consent of the Board of Directors.

Owners shall not cause anything to be affixed, attached to, hung, displayed or placed on the inside of any window other than drapes, blinds or shutters. In addition, the back face of all window coverings, facing the exterior of the building must be white or off-white in colour as per the Declaration.

The Board of Directors makes the decisions on frequency and timing of window cleanings.