Avoiding Fire Hazards

To avoid fire hazards you are advised of the following:

  • Purchase an in-suite ABC class fire extinguisher and store it in a readily accessible place.
  • Do not do or permit anything to be done in the unit, or bring or keep anything in your unit which will in any way create a risk of fire.   
  • Do not store propane, gasoline or any other combustible material in your suite, locker or on your terrace.
  • Do not put burning materials, such as cigarettes and ashes, into garbage containers.
  • Do not dispose of flammable liquids or aerosol cans in the garbage containers.
  • Do not use unsafe electrical appliances, frayed extension cords, over-loaded outlets or lamp wire for permanent wiring.
  • Do not leave articles, such as shoes, rubbers, mats, etc., in the building halls.
  • Disposal of hot items in the garbage may result in fire. Please ensure when depositing items in your garbage pail that they are properly cooled.
  • Unplug unused appliances.

Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Each suite has a fire/smoke/carbon monoxide detector(s) .that is individually wired for each unit and has a battery back-up.  The alarm will only be heard within your suite and can be de-activated by clearing the air around the detector.

NOTE: In-suite smoke detectors do NOT activate the fire alarm system. Residents must take appropriate action (e.g., use the pull station, call 911, etc.,) to sound an alarm.

Heat Detector 

Each suite is equipped with a heat detector. This additional safety feature detects intense heat buildup in your home and activates the fire alarm in the building. 

Fire Equipment

Fire alarm pull stations are installed throughout the building.  Never tamper with smoke or heat detectors. Sprinkler protection is provided where required.

Fire hose cabinets and extinguishers

Fire hose cabinets are strategically located in the common area hallway. Each cabinet is also equipped with a dry chemical fire extinguisher. These hoses shall only be used in an emergency situation. In the event a small fire cannot be extinguished with the use of a portable fire extinguisher or the smoke presents a hazard to the operator, then the door to the area should be closed to confine and contain the fire. Leave the fire area, call 911, and wait for the Fire Department. 

Once a pull station has been activated the nature and location of the alarm is automatically indicated on a fire alarm/annunciator panel, located in the main entrance foyer.

Standby power – emergency generator

The building is provided with emergency stand-by power in the event of electrical power loss. During an emergency, lighting, fire alarm and detection systems, sprinkler and fire pumps, and stair and elevator pressurization systems go into effect. The building air handling system automatically shuts down when a fire alarm signal sounds.


DO NOT use elevators during a fire alarm. Once a fire alarm signal sounds, all elevators will be brought to the ground floor lobby level automatically, or by the Superintendent using the key switch.

Reporting a Fire emergency 

Call 911 directly. When calling outside emergency services, be sure to use the appropriate address:  66 Bay Street South (Bay and Jackson).