Fitness Room

The fitness room is located on the first floor across from the meeting/party room. The exercise facilities are available from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and are to be used by residents and their guests only

Children under the age of sixteen are not permitted to use the equipment unless accompanied by an adult resident not less than 18 years of age. Pets are not permitted in the facility.

Relocation, removal or addition of equipment is not permitted. The facility is used at the residents’ own risk. The Corporation is not responsible for accidents, loss or theft of personal property, or any other damages. Residents using the facilities are fully liable for any damages that they cause.  Residents are requested to please wipe down all equipment after use and return equipment to its normal position. A TV/DVD is provided for your use however the volume levels are not to be disruptive to others in the exercise room or nearby residents.

Lights, TV, and air-conditioning must be turned off after using the facility.

Meeting/Party Room

Core Lofts Party Room set up for a gathering
Core Lofts Party Room set up for a gathering

To book this room for private use, please contact the Superintendent.  A contract must be completed and executed by an adult resident.  Reservations require a mandatory deposit and refurbishing fee of $300. The deposit will be returned when the room is inspected and no damage found.  The room must be left in original condition. 

Noisy or rowdy behaviour will not be tolerated. Sale of liquor is not permitted even during a private function. Smoking is not permitted in the meeting/party room area or any common area including the front terrace/walkway.

Lights, air-conditioning/heating and appliances are to be turned off after using the facility.

The meeting/party room chairs and tables are also available for rental. A small deposit is required. You can book these through the Superintendent.