Dryer Test

Make sure to clean the lint trap located just above the dryer (back of dryer). Remove lint (at least once a month – depending on usage) and ensure the lint trap is put back properly.

Check and make sure the dryer vent booster fan is in operation when running the dryer. Make sure the booster fan switch (on the wall beside the dryer) is turned on during the use of dryer. To ensure the booster fan is in operation, first turn on the dryer and then turn the booster fan switch on, let the dryer run for a few minutes. After a few minutes open the door of the dryer (don’t turn off the booster fan switch) you should hear that the booster fan is still running which indicates that the booster fan is operating. After a while even if you don’t turn off the booster fan switch, the fan will eventually stop for as long as the dryer is off (not running). The Booster Fan switch can be left in the on position. The booster fan will start and stop with dryer operation.

Download Dryer Exhaust Booster Fan

Dryer Exhaust Booster Fan

If you are having issues with condensation on your dryer exhaust venting, or your clothes aren't drying properly, try checking your exhaust booster.

Washroom Exhaust Test

Turn on washroom exhaust fan (make sure fan is running). To test whether the fan has suction, put tissue paper on the face of exhaust fan on ceiling, if there is suction the tissue should stick to the inlet grille of exhaust fan. If there is no suction (tissue paper will not stick) it would indicate that there is obstruction downstream of the exhaust fan (in the duct). In some cases, depending on the severity of obstruction, it would be possible to have back pressure (meaning exhaust air will be dump back into the room).

If there is a problem with the venting system it should be examined inside by a qualified HVAC technician.

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